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What is Hatsukoi All About?

Leila in Nippori, Tokyo (Fabric Town)

I started my online shop Hatsukoi.co.uk because I love Japanese culture and design. 

Having travelled to Japan many times on holiday I became inspired by Japanese philosophies and their ideas about a simple, minimalist way of living, awareness of the seasons and natural world and attention to quality and detail. 

The Japanese aesthetics of 'kawaii' and 'zakka' have a very particular style; when applied to interiors, they combine minimalist, understated design with pretty and colourful details that make you feel relaxed and content.  I wanted to achieve that look in my own home but I found it impossible to find similar ideas and objects available here in the UK.

Because of this difficulty, I decided to start my own shop, importing and selling the goods myself and spreading the word about Japanese home style.

Japan has a great manufacturing history and even today there are many small factories run as family businesses which use traditional techniques.  They produce unique items often in small runs that sell out quickly.  All the items in the Hatsukoi collection are carefully selected, bought direct from the designers or manufacturer and most are manufactured in Japan.

So if you're looking to buy unique gifts or something special for your home, maybe you'll find it for sale on Hatsukoi.co.uk!

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