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Paper lampshades strung in the garden
Paper lampshades strung in the garden

Hatsukoi aims to bring you unique and unusual kawaii and zakka objects for the home.  Some are factory made and others are individual handmade items.  All are carefully chosen to fit with a particular design ethos and lifestyle philosophy.

Most of the featured homewares and kitchenware items are either made or designed in Japan.  The exceptions are the handmade items and local art which are individually made in the UK.  Some other items may originate from other countries but have been selected because they reflect modern Japanese design and lifestyle.


Ha-tsu-ko-i!  In Japanese this word means 'first love'.  Uncomplicated and innocent, it reminds us of the things we loved as a child.

What is Zakka?

'Zakka' is a Japanese word that has come to be used for a particular design style but, in a typically Japanese way, 'zakka' is more than just a fashion trend.  It is a word that encompasses personal style and lifestyle and is infused with meaning and deeper feelings.

In the home, 'zakka' is a warm, natural style that will lift your spirit; a little nostalgic and folksy with Scandinavian and European influences.  It can take you back to sunny days, simpler times and brings nature into every corner.  It's all about taking pleasure in small things, caring about details and finding enjoyment and satisfaction in everyday objects.

What is Kawaii?

In Japanese 'kawaii' means 'cute'.  However, 'kawaii' has become its own style, cool and youthful, and is regularly applied to fashion, homeware and accessories.  In the West, 'kawaii' is probably best known as applied to the outlandish and wonderful Harajuku street fashions such as Lolita (sweet and gothic), dolly, fairy and countless other weird and creative interpretations.

However, kawaii culture in Japan is not exclusively the realm of teenage girls.  It can be seen in decor, food, accessories and clothing and a little touch of kawaii brings a splash of fun and colour to more sophisticated looks.  Cute characters, pastel colours, lace and ribbons make us feel young and bring lightness and vitality to grown up living.


Shipping to the EU

EU Heart

We are delighted to announce that we are now able to ship orders to the EU.

Your order can now be sent to EU member states 'Delivered Duty Paid', where the tax and fees are paid in advance by Hatsukoi and the shipping agent and you will not be asked to pay additional clearance or administration fees in order to receive your parcel.


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