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Autumn leaves in Japan

Autumn in Japan brings the colourful foliage of the Japanese maple and ginkgo trees which are common in the mountains, parks and lining the city streets. 

Japanese people anticipate and look forward to the coming season, especially after the heat and humidity of Summer.

Taking in the Autumn Scenery

Viewing the Autumn colours is as popular as the cherry blossom viewing that happens in Spring.  All over the country, people set out to view the bright shades of orange, yellow and red of the Autumn leaves, known as koyo or momiji, and enjoy the beauty of nature as the season turns. 

Autumn colours in a Japanese parkPeople drive out to the countryside, go hiking, cycling and take camping trips to experience the vibrant scenery; to enjoy and feel part of the natural environment.

Being in the northern hemisphere, the Autumn season in Japan is from September through to the end of November and, just as the appearance of cherry blossoms moves northward with the warm weather, the Autumn colours spread in a southerly direction from Hokkaido in the north as the cooler weather approaches. 

With leaves changing from summery greens, the Japanese maple, ginkgo and rowan trees provide a stunning show of gold, scarlet and deep pinks that herald the colder months to come.

The maple leaf is an important symbol of Autumn in Japan and at this time of year they can be seen in restaurants, shop displays and people’s homes to celebrate the season.  Maple leaves provide decoration and can even be eaten as tempura.  Small sweet cakes are made to resemble the leaves and are eaten with green tea.

Autumn Flowers

Chrysanthemum flowerCertain flowers are also easy to find in Autumn.  The chrysanthemum is the national flower of Japan and chrysanthemum festivals in the parks and shrines show off the best blooms.

Culturally, there are said to be seven flowers that represent Autumn in Japan.  These are:

More than just being pretty to look at, these flowers are admired for their delicate beauty, simplicity and lovely colours.

Seasonal Food

The new season also brings with it seasonal food and flavours such as sweet chestnuts or ‘maron’, pumpkin, mushrooms and the persimmon fruit. 

A great deal is made of this in the shops and restaurants with special seasonal flavours of regular items like ice-cream, soup, sweets and snacks.  Of course the coffee shops also take part with flavoured smoothies and drinks that reflect the season.

Japanese food decorated with Autumn leaves

Perhaps if you’re in Japan at this time of year, you can enjoy looking out for these flowers, leaves and other symbols of the Japanese Autumn.

Homeware & Accessories with an Autumn Feel

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