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Shipping to the EU

Updated: August 2021

Sadly, due to BREXIT and failures by the UK Government to make any kind of agreement with the EU, I can no longer offer shipping to EU member states.

What used to be simple and easy is now complicated and expensive.

To ship goods to EU countries, I am responsible for paying VAT in the receiving country (even though I have already paid VAT in the UK) and the only way to manage this is to appoint a third party intermediary.  This adds to my costs and means I have to calculate a different price depending on where you are buying from.

As someone more interested in positive cultural exchange than complex accountancy and tax arrangements, I have decided that all I can do is 'opt out' and stop selling to our EU neighbours.

Ironically, I can still send parcels further afield including non-EU European countries, although as has always been the case deliveries may be subject to additional customs and administration fees:



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