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Sakura Glass Tumbler

Pink 'Sakura' glass tumbler by Tsugaru Vidro
Pink 'Sakura' glass tumbler by Tsugaru VidroPink 'Sakura' glass tumbler byTsugaru VidroPink 'Sakura' glass tumblerPink 'Sakura' glass tumblerPink 'Sakura' glass tumbler byTsugaru VidroPink 'Sakura' glass tumbler and matching glass jug
£ 12.00 each
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This fine handmade glass is coloured with delicate pink and white, resembling cherry blossom petals as they are blown from the tree.

Each drinking glass is individually produced by skilled craftsmen in the Aomori region of Japan, famed for glass production.

These unique drinking glasses make a delightful way to enjoy sake, wine, spirits and liqueurs.

Capacity:  About 200ml (7.04 fl oz)

Handmade in Japan.

Additional Information

Height: 9.2 cm
Width: 8.2 cm
Depth: 8.2 cm

Brand: Tsugaru VidroTsugaru Vidro

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