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Small Accessories to Brighten Your Day

Sewing machine by the window photo

Having spent a lifetime working in front of a computer screen, I now find that I need those little pairs of reading glasses in order to read, sew or do any other kind of 'close' work..

I have loads of them and leave them all over the place!  Most of the cheap pairs you buy don't come with a case so I was inspired to design and make my own.

Since I have several pairs of glasses dotted around the house, I decided that each one should have a bright protective case so that I can always spot them from afar.  I have quite a collection of colourful fabrics with some beautiful prints and have been itching to make use of some of the pieces I brought back from Japan.

It's absorbing and satisfying to go through the collection, matching colours, patterns and linings to find just the right combinations that look good together.  In my job as a web designer, I am used to paying close attention to detail so I took care to create an accurate paper pattern to ensure that the corners and lines are square.

Each glasses case consists of an outer patterned fabric, an inner lining and a layer of thin wadding to give the subtle quilted finish.

As a result of working on this project for myself, I have also produced a small collection which is now available in my shop.  There are two sets, one using a traditional Japanese fabric design and the other using cool, modern floral prints.

Bright colours and bold patterns are so attractive but not always easy to incorporate into your home décor.  However, using them for small accessories around the house, in your handbag or on your desk is a great way to bring a cheerful splash into your surroundings.  And best of all, they don't have to match anything!

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