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Fashionable Japanese kids wearing face masks

What do you think about the idea of wearing a face mask to prevent illness or even as a fashion accessory?

With my little video you can learn to make great pour over coffee in about a minute!


Glass pour over coffee jug and ceramic filter holder

One of the latest additions to my shop is a pour-over coffee set, comprising a glass jug, wooden stand and ceramic filter holder.  They're beautiful to look at but can be a bit daunting to use for the first time.


Japanese plates and dishes

In western homes we usually take pride in possessing a full matching set of crockery which gets used everyday - it's kind of an annoyance if something gets broken and we have to eat off mis-matched plates! 


Hi Mojimoji Tagged Notepad photo

In this digital world, I love to make notes and sketches on paper - there's something about the engagement between brain, eye and hand that feels more creative and authentic. 


Beautiful coasters with Black Cat mug

The other day someone said to me that she didn't use coasters at home because they only had cheap furniture.  I say that's even more reason to use one!


Shinzi Katoh pencil cases from Japan

Back to school already!  I can't believe it, where did the summer go? 

As the season changes it's time to get serious about work again and stop daydreaming about lazing in the garden or on the beach.


Sewing machine by the window photo

Having spent a lifetime working in front of a computer screen, I now find that I need those little pairs of reading glasses in order to read, sew or do any other kind of 'close' work..


Prizes photo

*This offer is now closed*

Sign up to receive my email newsletter before 31st August 2016 and you will be entered into a prize draw* to win cute items from Japanese homeware store Francfranc.


Shinzi Katoh products arrive

About a week after arriving home from Japan, my first big consignment from Shinzi Katoh arrived.


Japanese fabrics for craft projects

I have just arrived back from my holiday in Japan, feeling full of inspiration and loaded down with craft goodies!


Products are on their way from designer Shinzi Katoh!


I've made lots tweaks to the layout since I last updated the blog but I also got around to actually writing some content!


I have spent time making several structural changes to the site navigation.


A lot to catch up after the Xmas hols, so just time to add a new product and a 'badge'.


I have been trying to get a list of categories and brands to show on the product listing pages and finally have something close to what I was after.


I have done a bit more work, setting up the product pages to make them look nice and added a couple more products.


At last I got around to making the format of my blog look decent.


This afternoon I updated the language file in Hikashop which can be a little bit American.


I have tidied up the text and headings a bit and added a banner to the Home page.


So, a kind of frustrating time with not enough time to devote to my site...  Anyway, I styled the mini-basket area at the top of the screen with a cute graphic and also added links to the footer.


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