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Tenugui Cloth: Balloons

£ 9.00 each

Cheerful balloons in soft colours have a gentle style to lighten your spirit and lift your mood!  Maybe they can carry you away...

These 100% cotton cloths are called 'tenugui' and are a very traditional Japanese item.  This one is white with a printed modern green and orange balloon design.  They are made using a traditional hand-dying method which means that the print looks the same on both sides, ie. there is no wrong side.

The cloth is un-hemmed with selvedge edges down the long sides and raw cut edges on the short sides.  The cut edges will fray a little at first so trim any loose ends with scissors.  Indeed, it is intended that with use over time the fabric will soften and fade giving the tenugui its own character.

Use it as a tea towel or napkin; the thin cotton will dry out quickly and improves with washing.  In Japan tenugui have many additional uses including being worn as a headband, bandana or belt.

One interesting use is as a wrapping for presents, similar to 'furoshiki'.  What a lovely additional gift for your host!

Washing & Care

  • Delicate or handwash cycle
  • Do not use bleach
  • Wash with similar colours
  • Cut loose threads with scissors rather than pulling them

Additional Information

Height: 90 cm
Width: 34 cm
Brand: Hatsukoi HomeHatsukoi Home

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