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'Misokoshi' Miso Strainer & Whisk Set

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Sometimes you need just the right tool for the job!  For chefs who use miso paste, here is the perfect kitchen utensil.

When making miso soup, or any other stew or broth where you use miso paste, the miso must be dissolved carefully as you add it to the liquid otherwise you'll end up with lumps. 

It can be stubborn to melt in and there are techniques such as using a ladle or large spoon, but this set contains the proper tools to ensure you can thin out your paste while adding it straight into the cooking pot.

The sieve-like strainer means you can add the miso directly to the soup without having to scoop some out separately and the little whisk will help you mix the miso well.  If the miso is grainy, like some dark miso pastes, the sieve will also allow you to push it through and get a nice smooth consistency.

Known as a 'misokoshi' in Japanese, this stainless steel set consists of a long-handled sieve or strainer and a slim whisk or 'muddler' which, although small and just the right size to fit in the bowl of the strainer, has a nice long handle so you can keep your hands away from any hot liquid.

The strainer also has a handy pan hook to help you rest it on the side of the saucepan or cooking pot while you mix. 

The small whisk can also be used to dip into the container of miso paste (just as you would use a honey dipper) to cleanly pick it up and add it to your cooking.

The shape of the sieve means it can also double up as a noodle strainer!

You can see this Misokoshi set in use on TokyoPony's blog.


The strainer is 23cm (about 9") tall including the handle and the bowl measures 9.2cm (just over 3½") diameter x 7.5cm (nearly 3") high.

The whisk is 21.5cm (approx. 8½") tall by about 3.5cm (about 1⅖") in diameter.

Made in Japan.

Additional Information

Width: 9.2 cm
Depth: 12 cm
Height / Length: 23 cm
Brand: Hatsukoi HomeHatsukoi Home

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