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Mini Daruma Doll

Red mini Daruma doll
Red mini Daruma dollRed mini Daruma dollRed mini Daruma dollRed mini Daruma dollRed mini Daruma dollRed mini Daruma dollRed mini Daruma dollRed mini Daruma doll in wrappingRed mini Daruma doll in wrappingMini Daruma dolls in red, yellow and black
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Having trouble getting motivated?  How about a little help from Daruma?

Here is a mini version of the traditional Japanese Daruma doll.  You can read about his gory legend in my blog but these little figures have a practical side too, helping give you the motivation to see your goals through to the end. 

Like traditional Darumas these ones are made from papier mâché and are weighted at the bottom, making them hard to knock over and keeping them bouncing back up - a good reminder for ourselves!

When setting yourself a particular task, colour in his left eye and when, with Daruma's spirit of determination and hard work, you reach your target you can fill in his right eye, restoring his eyesight and thanking Daruma for your achievement.

Red is the classic colour for Daruma dolls and in Japan red is an auspicious colour symbolising good luck and fortune. 

But if you just want inspiration to get going on your work project, exam target or life goal then that one blank eye, and remembering the story of Daruma's determination and self-sacrifice, might be just what you need to keep you going to the end.

Ganbatte ne! As they say in Japanese...

Note:  This item is not a toy, please do not give it to children.

Additional Information

Height: 4.5 cm
Width: 4 cm
Brand: Hatsukoi HomeHatsukoi Home

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