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Matchawan Tea Bowl & Chasen Whisk Set

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Matcha tea is a cultural treasure in Japan and has become part of many rituals such as weddings and other life events.  And through the famous Japanese tea ceremony, drinking traditional matcha tea has become an art.

This boxed set comprises a traditional style Japanese 'matchawan', or wide tea bowl, and 'chasen' bamboo whisk.

The wide shape and flat bottom of the tea cup are specially designed for preparing the matcha tea powder by vigorously mixing it with the whisk.

In the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, there is great symbolism and ritual in the tea preparation and even in how it is drunk from the tea bowl. 

However, if you love to drink matcha tea at home, then this is a lovely, mindful way to prepare your favourite beverage.  It's also a great way to mix the fine powdered tea to the right frothy consistency, which can be tricky without the right equipment!

Matcha green tea prepared in this way can be used to make matcha latte, matcha ice cream, in cakes and biscuits and, in Japan, is even used to flavour beer and sparkling wine.

This boxed set makes an ideal gift for lovers of matcha tea and Japanese culture.

You can see more pictures of the tea bowl and buy it separately here:

The ceramic teacup and bamboo whisk are both made in Japan.


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Brand: Hatsukoi HomeHatsukoi Home

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