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Canvas Tote Bag

piglets28piglets26piglets27Canvas Tote Bag featuring drawn Piglet design - bag in hallwayCanvas Tote Bag featuring drawn Piglet design - interior detailCanvas Tote Bag featuring drawn Piglet design - interior detailpiglets25piglets29
£ 20.00 each
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Doodling on canvas?  Sounds like fun!  Little piglets love to scribble and these ones are doing such a good job.

This spacious canvas tote bag is made of beautiful soft white canvas with a sweet hand-drawn character design.  To match the fabric, the colours are soft and muted in blue and brown.

As well as the main area, the canvas bag features a zip-up side pocket on the outside and an inner small pocket near the top.  The bag is fastened at the top with a large metal popper.

Great for a picnic, the beach, weekend break...  shall I go on?

100% cotton canvas.

The handles measure about 15cm, making the full height including the handles approximately 50cm.

Additional Information

Height: 35 cm
Width: 33 cm
Depth: 9 cm

Brand: Shinzi Katoh DesignShinzi Katoh Design

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