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Café Trois 'Trees' Mug Set

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£ 18.00 each

An orchard scene filled with nature, can you hear birdsong?

The Café Trois Trees mug set is a stylish trio consisting of an elegant ceramic mug, a saucer or side-plate and a small dish.

The lovely 'orchard trees' design by Japanese illustrator Shinzi Katoh contains pretty details and the soft colours will blend well with both modern and traditional interiors.

Mug:  9.5cm high, 8cm diameter at the top
Saucer:  2.5cm high, 10.6cm diameter
Dish:  4cm high, 8.3cm diameter

The little plate can be used as a cup cover, a saucer or as somewhere to drop your biscuit crumbs.  The dish is very useful for depositing a herbal teabag or to serve your guests sugar or sweets.

All three items stack up neatly to look beautiful even when not in use!

Additional Information

Height: 12 cm
Width: 11.2 cm
Depth: 11.2 cm

Brand: Shinzi Katoh DesignShinzi Katoh Design

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