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Astro Boy Mug

Astro Boy Mug - front view
Astro Boy Mug - front view Astro Boy Mug - reverse view Astro Boy Mug detail Atom Astro Boy Mug inner workings detail Atom Astro Boy Mug bottom Blue and orange Atom Astro Boy mugs Blue Atom Astro Boy mug

£12.50 each

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How much do you know about manga character Astro Boy?  Behind that serene face lies a sad and moving story!

Created to replace scientist Dr Tenma's dead son, Astro is soon rejected as his human master finds that he cannot fill the emotional gap left by his natural child.  Astro Boy is sold to a circus with a cruel master but is rescued by head of the Ministry of Science, Professor Ochanomizu.  Of course, it all ends happily and Astro uses his super-human robotic powers to fight evil and injustice.

This manga hero of the 1950s and '60s was created by Osamu Tezuka and was originally known in Japan as Mighty Atom.

This blue and white striped ceramic mug features Astro Boy's normal external appearance on the front and a schematic of his inner workings on the back.

Made in Japan.

Diameter: 8.2cm, width below includes handle.

Width: 12 cm
Depth: 8.2 cm
Height / Length: 9.5 cm
Brand: Shinzi Katoh DesignShinzi Katoh Design

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