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Ceramic Aroma Diffuser

£22.00 each

The aroma of trees and flowers can help us feel connected to the outdoors, more relaxed and calm.  What a simple way to make our homes more comfortable especially when it's difficult to get outside!

This ceramic diffuser uses only natural evaporation to create an enjoyable, subtle scent from your favourite aroma therapy or essential oils. 

There are no naked flames, plugs or batteries, making this little ceramic pot ideal for placing in a small space, to have near the bed or on your desk while working.

The smooth ceramic pot, with its unique shape and removable lid, comes in white with a pretty design of red berries on a tree branch. 

Included with the pot are five unglazed porous 'stones', in a cute cat's paw shape, which absorb the fragranced oil and release its aroma over time.

Simply drip your favourite oil on the unglazed pottery paw until it is soaked and place inside the diffuser.  You are provided with five paws so that you can easily change the fragrance.

The diffuser is meant to provide a subtle fragrance but you can increase the evaporation and aroma by tipping the lid to one side slightly.

Fine Hasami-ware porcelain, made in Japan.

Additional Information

Height: 7.8 cm
Width: 5.5 cm
Depth: 5.5 cm

Brand: Hatsukoi HomeHatsukoi Home


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