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Mini Matcha Shaker & Recipe Booklet

Mini matcha shaker and matcha recipe booklet
Mini matcha shaker and matcha recipe booklet Matcha powdered tea shaker Matcha powdered tea shaker Matcha powdered tea shaker Japanese matcha tea recipe booklet Inside pages of Japanese matcha tea recipe booklet Back cover of Japanese matcha recipe booklet Matcha tea recipe booklet and shaker Matcha tea recipe booklet and shaker Matcha tea recipe booklet and shaker

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Making matcha easy to use means everyone can enjoy its delicious benefits, in cooking and as a beverage, at home!

This unique set consists of a small plastic shaker for mixing matcha powder and a Japanese recipe booklet.

The thing about matcha powdered tea is that, like other fine powders, it can be difficult to mix with a liquid without getting lumps.  This little shaker is an easy way to blend powdered matcha without having to whisk it in a bowl or cup.

The white translucent mini shaker has a screw on lid and marker on the side to show how much water to add.  The bottom is specially shaped to help the powder and water blend together.

The recipe booklet contains contains 12 recipe ideas for using green matcha powder in drinks, desserts and meals.  It has beautiful full colour photos that, even if you can't read Japanese, will inspire you to try matcha as more than just traditional tea.

Note:  The recipe booklet is in Japanese with no translation.

To use the shaker:

Put 20ml of water into the mini shaker, up to the line on the side, and then add 2g, or one teaspoon, of matcha powder.  Screw on the lid firmly and shake for a few seconds until all the powder is blended.

It is now ready to use Japanese matcha in your recipe!


Mini Matcha Shaker:  7.8cm high, 5.5cm diameter

Matcha Recipe Booklet:  13cm x 10cm, 32 colour pages

Brand: Hatsukoi HomeHatsukoi Home

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