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'Summer Flowers' Ceramic Wind Chime

Floral design Japanese ceramic furin wind chime
Floral design Japanese ceramic furin wind chime Yellow flower of Japanese Summer Flowers wind chime Pink flower of Japanese Summer Flowers wind chime Purple flower of Japanese Summer Flowers wind chime Close up of ceramic clapper inside the floral ceramic bell Summer Flowers Japanese wind chime on table Japanese Summer Flowers wind chime on table with gift box Summer Flowers 'furin' wind chime hanging in summer house Close up of Summer Flowers design Japanese 'furin' wind chime hanging in garden summer house Arabesque and Summer Flowers wind chimes hanging side by side

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Summer flowers nodding in a gentle breeze and the soothing sound of a wind chime make an idyllic image.  Find a sunny spot, close your eyes (just for a moment) and you'll be transported!

Japanese wind chimes, called 'furin', are hung near an open door or window and provide a calming sound on warm spring and summer days.

This wind chime is made from Arita-ware ceramic and decorated with delicate painted flowers in yellow, pink and mauve.

Inside the bell is a ceramic clapper, or 'zetsu', and below hangs the paper 'tanzaku'.  The tanzaku is a decorative strip of paper that bears a special message or wish.  It floats on the breeze and sends your wishes to the universe, but also serves the practical purpose of pulling the zetsu and sounding the bell.

Please note that, whilst pretty, the tanzaku supplied with this set gives details of the product!  You can enjoy making your own version with your own personal message.

The wind chime is suspended by dark green nylon cord and the zetsu and tanzaku are also held in place with green cord.

It comes packaged in a smart blue box, making it great for gifting.

The bell of the wind chime measures 6cm high by 7.3cm in diameter.  This ceramic wind chime is fairly light weight, however please ensure you use a secure fixing to hang it safely.

The measurements below show the boxed size.

Made in Japan.

Width: 10.8 cm
Depth: 13 cm
Height / Length: 10.2 cm
Brand: Hatsukoi HomeHatsukoi Home

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