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'Hanafumi' Glass Tumbler - Orange Poppy

'Hana fumi' yellow and orange poppy design Japanese glass tumblers
'Hana fumi' yellow and orange poppy design Japanese glass tumblers Japanese drinking glass with orange and yellow poppy design Japanese drinking glass with orange and yellow poppy design Japanese glass tumbler with orange and yellow poppy design Close up of printed orange and yellow poppy design Inside surface of Hanafumi Japanese glass tumbler Hana fumi Japanese glass on a tray with sparkling drink

£12.00 each
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The warm sunshine colours of delicate poppies will relax and soothe you - especially when paired with a delicious beverage!

These pretty glass tumblers bring beautiful flowers to your table with their printed yellow and orange poppy design.  The poppy flowers are realistically represented with leaves, stems and closed buds.  Indeed, 'Hana-fumi' means 'the language of flowers' and these floral designs have been developed to convey the same pleasure you get from bringing natural flowers into your home.

A fabulous way to serve cold drinks such as iced tea, fruit juice or cocktails.  The curved shape and decorative style would also make a lovely informal wine glass.

The single glass measures about 11.2cm high (almost 4½") and 7.5cm in diameter (about 3") with a volume of about 400ml (about 3½ fl oz).

Not safe for microwave oven.  Wash gently by hand with no abrasives.

The glass is not heat resistant so please take care with extreme temperature changes from cold to hot or vice versa.

Made in Japan.

Width: 7.5 cm
Depth: 7.5 cm
Height / Length: 11.2 cm
Brand: Toyo Sasaki GlassToyo Sasaki Glass

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