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Katakana Stamp Set (Small Font)

Japanese katakana stamp set
Japanese katakana stamp setBox of Japanese katakana craft stampsJapanese katakana stamp set in boxWood and rubber Japanese craft stamp setBox of Japanese katakana stamps showing the 'iroha' poem on the outsideSingle katakana stamp held in handJapanese katakana craft stamp held in fingersSingle katakana stamp being taken from the boxBox of Japanese katakana stamps with ink pad in the backgroundSingle katakana stamp with ruler to show the sizeSingle katakana stamp with ruler to show the size
£25.00 each

Beautiful philosophy to go with your paper crafts!  This full set of Katakana craft stamps will remind you that none of us can stand still in a changing world.

The stamps in this set are made of wood and rubber and, as well as the full set of Katakana characters, includes dakuten ( ゙) and handakuten ( ゚) modifiers plus more unusual, old fashioned kana such as ヰ and ヱ.

The small font size gives a delicate feel to your creative projects and is useful for writing longer text.  Only a gentle press is needed to get a clear impression.

Each stamp measures 0.4cm x 0.4cm x about 6cm and the wooden block features an indentation for your finger to make it easier to grip, steady your positioning and ensure you are holding the character the correct way up.

The stamps are individually made by retro stationery company 36 Sublo in Kichijouji, Tokyo.

You may be used to seeing your Katakana organised in 'gojū-on' order, that's by vowel sound a, i, u, e, o.  But what makes this stamp set so interesting is that the characters are presented in 'i-ro-ha' order.

'Iroha' is an ancient Japanese poem, the reading of which includes each and every kana sound.  It's a bit like the Japanese equivalent of 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' which is pretty much a meaningless phrase but the Iroha poem has a lovely translation and philosophy.

The box lid for the set shows the poetic order but don't worry if you can't remember it; inside the box is a 'guide' set so you will know exactly where to replace the stamps after use. 

To see the poem, the characters must be read like this (ref: www.sljfaq.org):

Iro wa nioedo
Chirinuru o
Waga yo tare zo
Tsune naran
Ui no okuyama
Kyō koete
Asaki yume miji
Ei mo sezu.

There are a couple of translations and interpretations out there but I like this one from Wikipedia:

Even the blossoming flowers [Colours are fragrant, but they]
Will eventually scatter
Who in our world
Is unchanging?
The deep mountains of karma
We cross them today
And we shall not have superficial dreams
Nor be deluded.

I'm sure you'll have countless creative ideas for the stamps but that little poem alone would be a lovely way to embellish your artwork - and practice your Japanese too!

Additional Information

Height: 6 cm
Width: 7.7 cm
Depth: 5.1 cm

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